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What´s the catch? Well, it´s very simple. I want you to enjoy what New Age London has to offer. And maybe one day, if someone you know asks you to recommend a holistic course or treatment, then you can confidently recommend us (I get most of my business through recommendation). A win-win situation.   What to do now? Just get your FREE “5 Days To Change Your Life” course – just scroll down and get it, and enjoy! Suzanne Zacharia Proprietor New Age London


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Your First Gift – 5 Days To Change Your Life! 5 Easy emails, 5 weeks, 5 easy changes you can make, one day at a time. See what others have said:

I really love and enjoy these emails you send me, I try to practise it religiously as I feel and see benefits. ~ Mariam … Just wanted to say how much I got out of the first one – I have been thinking I would like to get back into doing some weekly exercise again and my boys are talking about wanting to take on basketball, gym etc – and your first email gave me that little nudge I needed and we haven’t looked back since… So I want to say THANK YOU! Your email definitely made the difference! ~ Maureen

More gifts – Free teleclasses and webinars, through your approx twice-a-month newsletter. Attend as many or as few as you wish. Subjects are as varied as tarot and chronic pain. Whilst we don´t always get such spectacular results, they do make it all the more worthwhile when they happen:

I have a weigh in tomorrow but last Wednesday I had lost 8lb in 3 weeks and that horrible smelly [chocolate] bar is still sitting in my fridge – covered in foil so that I cannot get a whiff of it ever. I am so grateful, I knew what to do but I didn’t know the wording, you seemed to intuitively pick up on exactly what my problems were and it has helped me enormously. I did walk into the supermarket last Wednesday afternoon, convinced myself that I would have a treat as I had lost so much and been so good – stood and looked at those kit-kats and then paid for my loaf of bread and walked out – wow, that really is a miracle. ~ Marianne, after attending a FREE weight class.

Even more gifts – Free ebooks, guides, and manuals. Basically, about once a month, you get an offer. If of interest, you can enjoy it, and if not of interest, you just delete the email (you can unsubscribe any time too, there is no obligation whatsoever). This is one of many lovely comments about a limited edition FREE colour healing manual:

Thank you so much for the manual. It is really a good tool to use, I have copied it and given it to a couple of people already and they are reporting that they are finding it a useful guide. ~ Sandy


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