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Reiki Share Bromley Healing Circle Greater London: Reiki, Healing, EFT Tapping Bromley BR1

  • Learn the real meaning of Namaste (no matter what you thought before) and how you can apply it in your life, using very easy colour healing with colour objects available in your home – no buying of any expensive colour therapy products!
  • Learn effective pain release if ever needed.
  • For Any practitioner in any field: Your association may give you CPD credits for attending. You get a CPD certificate at the end of the workshop.
  • For unregistered Reiki Healers who want an NHS or similar  job: You NEED a certain number of in-person hours to apply for registration and verification. This workshop adds 3 valuable hours. The number of in-person hours is non-negotiable. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your hours now.
  • For anyone who could do with confidence-building and self-esteem tricks: Learn this great new trick using Namaste and colour healing.

This is the very last time that I present this particular workshop. It is now or never. Cancel anything else if you want to attend. There will not be a next time. And it will be lovely with you there!

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Your special Reiki, EFT Tapping, and Healing share in Bromley BR1 3EF draws strongly upon Reiki, Acupressure, and Colour Vibrational Energy, so you can deepen your understanding and strengthen your healing. Your Reiki, Tapping, and Healing share is fully experiential, practical, straight forward, informative, and well developed and researched from teaching Reiki, Tapping, and Colour Healing internationally since 1999. Your nearest train station is Bromley South. Your nearest bus stop is the Civic Centre bus stop. Your nearest easy parking is in the (Glades) Shopping Centre or Civic Centre car parks.

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This share group is aimed at Reiki Healers, Spiritual Healers, EFT Tappers, Meditators, and the curious seeker, as it gives you a solid grounding and expands on important traditions that benefit the trained professional Reiki Master, EFT Trainer, and Aura Soma specialist as well as the total Self-Development Beginner, Practitioner, and any seeker of enlightement – All Welcome. From 2 pm till 5 pm on Saturday 18th February 2017, with the special theme of Namaste, using the Hatsurei-Ho Meditation, Chakra Colour Balancing, and Chakra Tapping (EFT-derived) Meditation. The fee is £30 for the Afternoon Workshop Share Group. Book by 6:45 pm on 17th February 2017 from only £9.65 each (over 65% OFF for a group of 3):

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Suzanne Zacharia, Reiki and EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer, Passionate about Healing – 07533 636 939

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