Allergy Bromley Natural Methods – What is an Allergy?

When most people say “allergy”, they don’t mean the medical definition, but what can best be described as an allergy-like reaction, or anything that makes you have uncomfortable or painful symptoms that the doctors cannot fathom or that are for no apparent good reason. So, let’s just call it an allergy-like reaction, so we don’t get confused. Anything from sinus problems to IBS to eczema, asthma, rashes, and everything in-between is covered.

Allergy Bromley Natural Methods – Allergy Antidotes (TM) – Kinesiology-Based And Natural

Allergy Antidotes is a kinesiology-based method that uses techniques from kinesiology, Body Talk and Tapping, amongst others, to:

  • Find out what is wrong
  • Help fix what is wrongAllergy Bromley London Kent Image

Allergy Bromley Natural Methods – What Clients say

“My eczema has completely disappeared from my foot.” – Mohammad
“I have more energy and went out walking yesterday” – A Multiple Chemical Sensitivities client

Allergy Bromley – Allergy-like Reactions – Let me help you

London complementary alternative natural therapy and London therapy courses imageText me, Suzanne Zacharia, Allergy Antidotes (TM) Practitioner in Bromley, on 07533 636 939 with the word “Allergy”, and I will get back to you as soon as I can in-between clients. Or just book your session securely and easily here – it is only £95. Most people need about 3 sessions, which is £260, whereas for really complex cases, a course of 6 at £460 is good. Book here now:

Allergy Antidotes (TM) Natural and Safe

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