Aura Reading London SE Course in Bromley Kent BR1 3EF – All Welcome, From Beginners to Reiki Masters – New Date in February 2019 TBA

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Learn how to read and palpate the human biofield, PLUS we now do a Chakra Balancing Healing in order to address any imbalances that come up. Learning and balance and peace. The next date is in June 2019, 3-6 pm,TBA. For the next Full-Day Aura Reading all-day course, combined with advanced Reiki and Energy Healing at the Chakra level, please see

New and Repeater Rates

Aura Reading is the same thing as palpating or visually seeing the Human Biofield. The human aura has been described by a scientist as the electromagnetic field around the body. In my experience as an Energy Healer since 1999, this field contains information that can be useful to us. It can help detect for example, if we need medical care, if we need to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist, if we need an MRI scan, if we are holding onto old events from the past that are making us repeat negative patterns in the present, and it can give us the way forward. It is a great tool.

Looking forward to hearing from you for your Aura Reading and Chakra Balancing Course

Suzanne Zacharia

Master Trainer, Practitioner, and Author

Please note all workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable, and you are of course advised to seek medical advice before using any alternative or complementary therapies, workshops, or courses. Other than that, simply come with an open mind and a willing heart and prepare to enjoy!


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