Your EFT Master Practitioner Course New! Energy And Classical EFT Over 2 weekends with time in-between for Case Studies and EFT Journal. 15th & 16th September & 20th & 21st October 2018 Mainly 10-17:00 in Bromley Greater London BR1 – Call, Text, Or WhatsApp Me Now On 07533 636939 – Want an Earlier Date? Text/Whatsapp me your request now!

EFT Energy Tapping Course LogoHow To Get Your EFT Master Practitioner Certificate – Bromley Greater London BR1

Your certificate is issued upon completion of your 4 days’ course, consisting of 12 core units, and easy assignments in-between, subject to achievement of the core skills and handing in of the very easy assignments.

Your EFT Master Practitioner Course in Bromley Greater London – Suitability

Anybody with psychosis is unsuitable for this course. Also, if you suffer from severe emotional trauma, it is advisable that you take some EFT sessions first, regardless of any previous mind therapies training. Otherwise, all are welcome. Certification is given upon completion of your 3 days, subject to achievement of the core skills in each unit. This may be especially helpful for those who have been doing EFT for a while but have not gotten around to filling in case study forms to get practitioner certification, as not everyone is good with forms but may be an excellent EFT user and practitioner nevertheless. Please scroll down further for the exact details of your course.

How Much Is Your EFT Master Practitioner Certificated Course?

This course is designed so that anybody who requires this training can reasonably afford to do it. The price is a very low £650. Your investment includes 4 full days’ training, training manuals, professional licence, AMT (now known as the GoE) membership fees, 3 days of Energy EFT and 1 day of Classical EFT for comparison and Completeness. EFT Master Practitioner Course Early Bird Price ONLY £510 for a limited period – Save £140. Book securely below by PayPal an Easy Early Bird Rate of £550 for the 4 days, save £100, or call 07533 636 939 to book securely by card over the phone. Remember, this is not a 3-day course making a “Master” in 3 days. This is a 4-day course over the period of a month, for your maximum learning and application of your course material. Repeaters, whoever you have already studied this course with, get it for ONLY £80 for the whole 4 days.

Energy EFT Master Practitioner

Your AMT (GOE) EFT Master Practitioner And EHO Classical EFT Training Program Fine Details

Your course consists of 12 Units over 3 Days covering 45 core skills of the modern Master Practitioner of EFT, and FREE 6 months email support and supervision directly with me, so you are not alone but supported through your development as a practitioner.

Day 1: Discovering EFT

1 – Discovering EFT Stepping into your role as an Energist, whether for the first time or as a CPD modality. As stated before, this course is like a beautiful combination of Classical and Optimal EFT, so any classical EFT practitioner at any level, can gain more knowledge and advancements through this course. How EFT works and explaining it clearly The SUE scale (for those of you who know the SUDS scale, this may be a very pleasant surprise). Energy flow and evolving any problem.

2 – Reversing Energy Body Stress Understanding ‘stress talk’ and not being distracted by it De-stressing the client and building a stress free path to the problem The EFTeam and practitioner-client working relationship.

3 – The EFT Story The EFT Story protocol How to know what to tap for first and next Identifying set-up phrases from the client’s story.

4 – The Professional EFT Practitioner Working with EFT professionally. Records, handouts, home study materials Taking responsibility for the client’s well-being Understanding and tapping in ‘energy healer mode’.

Day 2: Intermediate EFT

5 – Extremely Focused Sessions Focusing EFT on specific memories and events. Understanding energy body memories and their physical component. Using the EFT Body protocol. How to conduct the session gently with your clients.

6 – Working With Aspects Understanding and explaining the aspect model to the client. How to use EFT for proxy tapping. Unravelling aspects for tapping.

7 – Emotions & Energy The connection between emotions and the energy system Guiding the client to discover the emotion behind the problem. The Sixth Sense and language of the body. Working with chronic pain and residual pain. The beauty of EFT is that it facilitates self-healing. The practitioner holds a safe space for the client and uses their skills and experience to help this process. It is such an honour and blessing.

8 – Energy Body Events. Evolving unfinished events and event echoes. Spotting guiding stars and the problems with highlight events. Forensic EFT. Understanding Healing Events as important Events.

Day 3: Advanced EFT

9 – Mind Changes. Understanding how beliefs are formed. Using EFT to evolve limiting beliefs. Installing positive beliefs with EFT.

10 – Energetic Relationships. Relationships and energetic entities. Finding an energetic entity in a client’s energy field. Helping the client change their relationship with the energetic entity. Working with group entities.

11 – Autogenic Reality. Understanding the concept of the autogenic world, where the conscious mind and energy mind meet. The power of working with metaphor and autogenic realities. Using EFT to work with a client’s aspect inside the autogenic reality. Using EFT with global metaphor for the client’s problem.

12 – The EFT Master Practitioner. What is an EFT Master Practitioner. EFT Master Practitioner core skills review. The importance of loving your clients.

Day 4: Classical EFT

Classical EFT in comparison and for completeness, with experiential exercises throughout.

Who Is This EFT Master Practitioner Course For?

The AMT EFT Master Practitioner Course Is Recommended To: Existing EFT practitioners wishing to update to the latest developments, techniques and methods in the field; Individuals who wish to become professional EFT practitioners; Professional healers and therapists wishing to add modern EFT to their tool box of techniques; Those who love EFT, are excited about its practice and potential and wish to take EFT to the next level. Featuring many paradigm shifting approaches, techniques and brand new methodology, the NEW AMT EFT Masters is information rich, exciting and engaging, bringing the promise and spirit of EFT to life in whole new way.

Pre-Requisite Course – Energy EFT Foundation Course (equivalent to EFT level 1 workshop). If you already have EFT levels 1 and 2, contact me here and tell me 🙂

Enjoy becoming the latest EFT Master Practitioner!

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