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As an EFT and Reiki Master Trainer, the need arose for constructing easy step-by-step manuals in Paperback and Kindle format. I aim to please. If there is a subject you would like covered, just ask, and I will do my best to finish writing it or source the best by other authors for you, like the first book in this series, which is special.

From Peta Stapleton, top EFT researcher, EFT research and explanations in normal-speak, I highly recommend:

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Complete Freedom From Phobia

“Complete Freedom From Phobia is great! It’s easy to read and understand. The way it is formatted is also excellent. I am adding this to my professional library. I will be looking forward to more great information” – Dr. John Benitez Amazon USA Paperback And UK Amazon Paperback Here

The EFT Book for Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, and Self-Esteem – The EFT Workbook For Confidence

Do you or yours want more confidence, in yourself, in relationships, at work, in sports, or in social situations? Then this is the EFT book for you. Buy yours here…

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If the Confidence issue is more on the nerve-wracking side or plays too much on the mind, I suggest buying instead Anxiety – Your Easy EFT Guide To Freedom. This EFT Book for Anxiety is excellent for EFT Practitioners looking for gentle and effective ways of treating Trauma in their clients.

If you go ahead and buy both EFT Books, the one for Confidence and the one for Anxiety, you can get even more benefit, as they easily complement each other. In that case, you need to start with your Anxiety workbook first, and only move onto your Confidence workbook once you have finished your first one. I also recommend Anxiety – Your Easy Guide To Freedom to anyone struggling with negative thoughts and regular self-criticism.

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Close to my heart, the EFT Book to stop smoking – Stop Smoking In 9 Easy Steps

This is the one closest to my heart, as smoking nearly took my life. Please, please, please, if you buy it and like it, leave a good review, so that others can be encouraged to stop smoking with this structured unique EFT adaptation. Nobody deserves to be stuck in addiction-land! Not when there is EFT to the rescue!

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Physical Pain – Everything from chronic backache to period pain to migraines – How to EFT Your Pain Away – Pain Release The Easy Way

Buy for you or a loved one or friend who needs pain management the easy way.

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Energy Color Healing – Multi-modality healing delight with color – EFT fun with kids and color fun with other modalities too

If outside UK or USA, simply search your local Amazon for Suzanne Zacharia. Otherwise get yours here:   USA Paperback and USA Kindle Edition UK Amazon: UK Paperback and UK Kindle

Aura Reading Bromley Aura Mascot

Positive Thinking For The Sunshine Mind

This is not at all a script as such. It is your own fill-in-the-blanks quick positive tapping statements. Want to make up positive statements for a different kind of tapping? Or maybe you are a practitioner and want to give positive tapping affirmations for homework. I almost always give positive affirmations for clients to tap on as homework. The reason is that clients may just say them. Some even record them and listen to them. Doing so with a negative statement without tapping can have the total opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. Hence the need for positive affirmations for homework. As well as that, sometimes people do not want to work in-depth on an issue but want to make it a bit lighter. Or they have tapped all over the issue and just want to cement their results. This is where positive tapping can be really helpful. It is also useful in doing EFT in some corporate or sports motivational situations. I personally use positive statements to motivate me with my running and spinning. Get your USA Kindle Copy here and your USA Paperback Copy here “I’d like to thank you for your book Positive Thinking For The Sunshine Mind. I found it a very easy read, so anyone could read it, even if they were beginners.. simple, straightforward exercises that are simple to do, when one is ready of course, instead of going on and on, as some books that I have read do. The book was everything in a nutshell for self healing or therapists and got straight to the point” Emine Mustafa, EFT Practitioner. Get your UK Kindle Copy here: Positive Thinking For The Sunshine Mind and your UK paperback copy here Positive Thinking For The Sunshine Mind

And Finally…

Enjoy your New Age Books, and please let me have your feedback. If you like them, please leave a nice review on Amazon. If you don’t like one, please tell me here, so that I can always aim to improve this service to you.   Sincerely,   Suzanne Zacharia Reiki Master EFT Trainer image