Psychic Surgery Course Workshop Bromley BR1 – For All Reiki or Spritual Trained Healers (Level 1 minimum) – Book Now Or Text/Whatsapp 07533 636 939

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This very special course workshop is all about using Psychic Surgery to remove energy blocks to emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. You get to enjoy a session under supervision and also give a session under supervision. You also get a more complete understanding of psychic surgery used in Reiki and other forms of hands-on healing, and some of the many imitations that now abound. Some of these imitations we can learn from, as they have added a little twist here and there to help Psychic Surgery be even more effective. By the end of this day, you will have experienced at least 2 sessions of Psychic Surgery and have a good understanding of the principles involved and how o make the most of them. This special edition workshop is aimed at trained Reiki or Spiritual Healers – All Reiki disciplines are welcome. From 10 am till 5 pm on a date TBA. 

Certificate of attendance and learning given. For Any practitioner in any field: Your association may give you CPD credits for attending and learning this course. You get your certificate at the end of the workshop. For unregistered Reiki Healers who want an NHS or similar job: You need a certain number of in-person hours to apply for registration and verification. This workshop adds 7 valuable hours. The number of in-person hours is non-negotiable. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your hours now. This special edition workshop is aimed at trained Reiki or Spiritual Healers – All Reiki disciplines are welcome.

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Suzanne Zacharia, Reiki Master and passionate about Reiki

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