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Learn how to read and palpate the human biofield, and how to interpret this valuable information. Learning and discovery in a small class where everyone is welcome. The next date is Tuesday 13th December 2022, 10:00-13:00. Discover your own reading, read others, and learn what it all means. Normal rate only £90 for a half-day course, where everyone learns exactly how to read and interpret auras, small class maximum 3 attendees, including manual, certificate, and 6 months’ email support. To celebrate re-starting this course after the covid restrictions, there’s a very special 75% OFF.  Book now with the Early Bird offer and get your course for 50% OFFOnly £45. Book with your Early Bird rate now, and I will contact you personally with your full details, literally within a few hours.

And there’s more! You also get to learn Chakra Balancing! 2 Courses in 1! How can it get better?! Aura Reading is the same thing as palpating or visually seeing the Human Biofield. The human aura has been described by a scientist as the electromagnetic field around the body. In my experience as an Energy Healer since 1999, this field contains information that can be useful to us. In this one day, new and experienced Energy Healers can learn how to apply the palpation of the human biofield combined with psychic surgery or Chakra Energy Block Release.

Your Aura Reading Course Bromley – With the FREE Extra Chakra Balancing Training – Fully Certificated! This is what you will learn and the structure of your workshop:

  • Introduction to aura reading
  • Aura reading for personal use
  • Aura reading for practitioners
  • How to palpate the aura
  • Actual experience with palpating the aura in your workshop
  • How to interpret your findings
  • How to see the aura with your eyes
  • Actual experience with seeing the aura with your eyes
  • Interpretation of what you see and feel
  • The chakras and how they can help the healing process
  • Application of aura reading to the chakras
  • Chakra healing techniques
  • Actual experience of chakra healing, clearing, and balancing in your workshop
  • Conclusion and recap
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Suzanne Zacharia, Practitioner, Trainer, and Author

Terms & Conditions for your Aura Reading Course Bromley

Please note all advance payments for workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable, and you are of course advised to seek medical advice before using any alternative or complementary therapies, workshops, or courses. Other than that, simply come with an open mind and a willing heart and prepare to enjoy!

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