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Sessions and workshops are now conducted safely online rather than unsafely in-person. You can rest assured that you will not catch the virus by attending sessions when you need them, nor by taking a course when the time feels just right. Very easy This excerpt from my free online course helps to shed light on EFT Tapping and my approach.

Do you feel any of this small sample of symptoms applies to you or yours? Stress, Allergy, Anxiety, Smoking, Fear, Pain, Yo-Yo Dieting, Depression, Anger, IBS, Sadness, Knee Injury, Trauma, Frozen Shoulder, Aspergers, Nightmares, Weight, Spider Phobia, ADHD, Jealousy, Bulimia, ME, Fear of Flying, CFS, Fear of Swallowing, Grief, Child bedwetting, Baby teething, Addiction, Broken Heart, Headache, MS, Backache. If any of these ring a bell, you may be pleasantly surprised what EFT can do for you or yours. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your results will be the same as the remarkable results found with ourselves, our clients, and in genuine published research papers, all I can say is try it and see. Write to me afterwards and tell me how it went for you. Feedback is always appreciated, as we strive to continually improve our best service to you and yours


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