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Are you looking for your EFT course in London SE? For you or those you care for? Maybe you have experienced EFT already, or it may be new to you. EFT is simple yet the application of EFT Tapping is exponentially improved with the right training and skills. You may be pleasantly surprised how you can empower yourself with knowledge through your EFT Tapping course in SE London – fully compliant with the only government-negotiated qualification structure in the world, now coming to the UK with the EHA, the association dedicated to ensuring EFT standards and recognition worldwide.

Where and When Is Your EFT Course London SE?

Your EFT training is in Bromley in the South East of London, very easy to get to. Your workshop is from 10:00 till 17:00. For dates and fees, please scroll down.

Certificated, Comprehensive, Easy

We are committed to spreading the EFT word so that everyone can have this self-help tool to help themselves. We guide you every step of the way with your EFT, way after the workshop, as a true comprehensive training.  And we are often deeply touched by what our EFT clients say: “… outstanding job of carrying the message of emotional freedom” – John “Miraculous recovery” – Sharon

What EFT can do for you

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, and is otherwise known as Tapping or EFT Tapping.. It is practical, versatile, and results-oriented. It uses the ancient Chinese meridian system and special releasing wording to bring about rapid and long-lasting change (email us if you wish to see research abstracts that demonstrate this in peer-reviewed studies). In a nutshell, EFT help you to release or manage the stuck energy behind the vast majority of emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges in a very targeted and efficient way. Safe enough to use for babies and in pregnancy, EFT often works better than anything we have tried.

What do you get on your training?

Your EFT training workshop includes practical experience with several applications, your own comprehensive reference manual, and your certificate.

Fully Supported EFT Course

Upon completion of your EFT workshop, you are eligible to join the EHA (FREE membership included in the workshop price). This supports your personal growth in a caring and responsible way. Should you wish to be a EFT practitioner, the EHA are here to help promote your services, promote EFT in general, and your membership and full first year’s Practice Number is included at no extra charge for all who qualify. Your aftercare also includes 6 months’ FREE email support.

Is it OK for you to learn EFT?

EFT is suitable unless you have schizophrenia, psychosis, manic depression, borderline personality disorder, or similar psychiatric condition. This is for your own mental health and well-being in a workshop training. If in doubt, just ask. Your happiness and safety is important to us.

How long is your training?

Our EFT course London SE class sizes are very small for your maximum learning experience. Your Level 1, Level 2 and  Level 3 workshops are no more than 4 attendees. So you get personal attention and get your questions answered quickly.  And so you easily attend for one special intensive day for EFT Level 1, two intensive days for your Level 2, and 2 intensive days for your Level 3. You have coursework to do in-between and after your workshop, supported by email or text, so you get the maximum learning, minimum travel, and can easily fit your EFT training into your life.

Our skills and experience

Our trainers’ experience includes teaching self-development since 1999, with extensive EFT client experience since February 2004.

When can you practice EFT professionally?

You can work on yourself, friends, and family after your EFT Level 1 class. You can practice EFT with clients upon completion of your EFT Level 2 course.

Book Your Place – EFT Course London SE – Your Level 1 EFT Workshop – One Special Day – FREE 6 months email support – Fully Experiential ClassNew Age Manuals Image

Wednesday 20th or 27th June, Sunday 22nd July OR Saturday 11th August 2018, 10:30- 17:30, Normal fee only £180. Book before 21st June and pay your Early Bird Price of Only £76. I then personally get back to you within 24 hours to confirm with all your details.


After Level 1 – Practitioner Level 2 – EFT Course London SE – Your Level 2 EFT Workshop – Two Days to Cherish and Remember – FREE 6 months email support

Saturday and Sunday 16th September and 21st October 2018 OR 10th and 11th November 2018. You need time between your Level 1 and level 2 to do the essential practice in-between the two levels. You cannot expect to become a practitioner in just 3-4 days, dealing with everything from depression to cancer! The easy home EFT study that you do after your Level 1 prepares you in just the right way, so you can get a much better understanding and confidence in EFT. You can book your Level 2 after doing your Level 1, or you can book them both together now if you are sure that you will want to study EFT to Level 2. EFT 2 is Only £320; Book your place here now:

Or – Book Both Level 1 and 2 now before 21st June 2018 and pay only your very special Early Bird rate of £251 – Almost Half Price:

More Level 1 Dates If the Above Dates are Not Available to You

These days are not booked as yet. They are available both online and in-person, after four very successful workshops where attendees were present in-person and also online. The interaction and learning were amazing. The healing power was even better than I have experienced before. These days are: 18th or 25th July, Or 1st or 15th August, Or 3rd September 2018. Easy!

After  Level 2 – EFT Level 3 (and when ready after Level 3, your Masters) – Dates to Be Announced for 2019

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Suzanne Zacharia

Your EFT Course Master Trainer


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