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What Our Reiki Course London Training Clients Say

“I’m already sleeping better and feeling more energized! Again I would like to thank you for Sunday as it was a wonderful experience!”, Chrissy.”,”And thanks again today was really an awesome experience…” Faye, “I really like this energy”, Graham.

Your Reiki Course London SE – Book To Reserve Your Place

Reiki 1 Training – Next scheduled online Zoom workshop and attunement is on 23rd October OR 21st November 2021 with an optional in-person attunement, the sacred Reiki initiation ceremony,  at no extra cost at a later date. You also get Free 6 months email support  – Book now and enjoy. Normally £180Currently a very easy Low Special price of £97 including your certificate. Book securely now, and I get back to you within a few hours with your confirmation, address, and all details.

Reiki 2 Training – Your Reiki Course in Bromley SE London is arranged by request after your Reiki 1 training, at least 3 months after Reiki 1, earliest opportunity 13th and 14th November on Zoom, with your in-person attunement at a date that works for you (arranged at your Reiki 2 online workshop).  Any questions about our Reiki training in these post-covid times? Email me here! Currently, a very easy £30 deposit and £290 when you attend (total of £320) OR you can take advantage of the Early Bird rate of ONLY £270 in total and nothing else to pay when you attend – Save £50. Reserve your place with only now:

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Reiki Masters Training – By Application only – Please email me Here for an initial phone interview.

What Reiki can do for you

Reiki has the power to safely, gradually and gently produce a favourable change in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Safe enough to use for babies and in pregnancy, Reiki is fast gaining popularity as more people connect with the holistic approach to health and true contentment.

What do you get with your Reiki class?

Your Reiki attunement, practical experience, your own comprehensive reference manual, and 6 months’ email support. 


Upon completion of your classes, you are eligible to join the Reiki and Seichem Association, and Embody members can register their Reiki course with Embody/CThA, as your Reiki Master is on the Reiki register. Scroll down for my video about my experience with Reiki, Reiki training, and the Reiki Council. Your aftercare also includes 6 months’ FREE email support.

Your Reiki Course London SE – How does it work, and how much do you need to commit to it?

Our training is via workshops, with easy learning to be done at home in-between. Or you can opt to attend just the first workshop, which teaches you all the basics you need to do Reiki on yourself, friends, and family. We ensure your Reiki course in Bromley fits into your life and budget. All our workshops carry a genuine 6 months FREE email support, for your peace of mind.

Is it OK for you to learn Reiki?

You can rest assured that there are no contra-indications to Reiki, and you can safely enjoy this healing energy.

Accredited Reiki Practitioner Training Verified By the Reiki Council and Approved by the CNHC

Most people like to qualify to the level of a Folk Reiki Practitioner. If you take your Reiki training to Reiki II Healer (Reiki 2 qualification), and you want to stop there and work with Reiki, you may be pleased to know that this qualifies you as a Folk Reiki Practitioner, with the built-in path open to train to Professional Reiki Practitioner if you change your mind later, as accredited and verified by the Reiki Council and satisfies the strict requirements of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). A Folk Reiki practitioner is one of the following.

Someone who is on a self-growth journey and has a few people a year that they take on as clients, or for example, a beautician or massage practitioner who gives a few minutes of Reiki with some treatments.

Someone who is building up their Reiki portfolio in order to finish their Professional Reiki Practitioner qualification.

To train as a Professional Reiki Practitioner as accredited and verified by the Reiki Council and satisfies the strict requirements of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), you need to take my Reiki 1 and 2 courses and attend Healing Circles for a total of 45 hours with me. And you need to take the Reiki and Seichem course for professional competence, run online by my colleague Julia Eversfield, the Reiki and Seichem Association’s professional competence teacher, submit 75 case studies (which you can build up working initially as a Folk Reiki Practitioner, and/or through my own practice groups), and be observed giving a healing (observation is purely for professional competence, such as hand-washing and correct history-taking). The advantages are that you can choose to be listed with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), qualify to apply for an employed or self-employed position at medical or charity organisations, and be seen by clients as a trustworthy professional. All of this is arranged for you. Just contact me here to get the ball rolling.

Reiki Masters Training – By Application only, and not required for recognition by the reiki Council or CNHC, unless you wish to teach. Please email me Here for an initial phone interview.

How long should you wait between Reiki 1 and 2?

We advise waiting a minimum of 3 months for your energy to settle, as per the standards set by the Reiki Council. Reiki is a process and a journey. Take your time and do it safely and gently. You will be glad you did.

Reiki Course London SE – Our skills and experience

Your Reiki Master’s experience includes spiritual and self-development course presentation since 1999. I was involved in setting the National Qualifications for Reiki in both the UK and South Africa. This important recognition and employability (including being successfully self-employed) that comes from having an officially recognised qualification worldwide, should you choose to learn Reiki to this lovely standard.

When can you practice Reiki professionally?

You can work on yourself, friends, and family only after Reiki 1 and practice Reiki with clients upon completion of your Reiki 2 course.

Your Reiki Master London SE – Looking Forward To Hearing From You Soon

Email me now with any queries,

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Suzanne Zacharia, Practitioner, Trainer, and Author


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