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If you would like to book a session, I am currently working online plus one day a month in-person in Bromley and 4 days a month in-person home visit in the Northeast NE SR and DH postcodes.

Online is a Half Hour, price frozen since 2016, Only £40 – Enjoy Reiki in the comfort of your home, no travel, no hassle, just healing. To make your in-person appointment, please contact me. Most credit and debit cards happily accepted. Or pay for and make your easy online appointment here with ease:

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Reiki Master Answer To The Most Frequent Questions 

As a Reiki Healer since 1999, I would like to help dispel some myths about Reiki healing and help you with realistic expectations, so you can get the most of your Reiki session, whether with me or elsewhere.

Reiki Master Reiki Hints and Tips

Aura Reading Bromley Aura Mascot

Reiki may be felt very deeply or may not be felt at all. Unlike a deep tissue, Sports, or good Swedish Massage, where you literally feel your muscles stretched, relaxed, and released, your joints mobilised, this is not what Reiki usually feels like. Having said that, about 5% of my clients do experience real physical results that they can feel in the session. Sometimes these results last for a very long time afterwards. From talking to other Reiki Healers, that sounds about right across the board. So go with an open mind and don’t expect instant results. These may or may not happen in that first session. Ideally, aim for six sessions then a top-up every now and then. 

Reiki often induces relaxation immediately, throughout the session, and for at least a week afterwards. However, sometimes the Reiki helps to dislodge some old stuck energy that holds long-forgotten emotions or pains that cause you discomfort. If that happens, trust your Reiki Healer to hold a safe place for you and help you release this stuckness. The release may take only 5 minutes, or it may continue after the session, in which case, any good Reiki Healer can give you support to help you find calm and peace as well as optimal comfort.

Going to sleep during Reiki is OK. You will not miss anything. Reiki goes to where it is most needed for the highest good. Whether you are fast asleep or wide awake, it does not matter. Just enjoy!

Your Reiki Healer may ask if it is OK to use symbols to empower the Reiki. If you do not like that idea, just say no, and your healer will happily act accordingly.

Touch – Hands-on or -off? Reiki is done on you with your clothes on, and no oil is involved. Some Reiki and Spiritual Healers prefer to touch the clients, whilst others prefer not to but to heal in the aura (just above the body). Some healers use a mixture of touch and non-touch. Both work just as well. Of course, there are private areas that no healer will touch directly. And that is OK too. You will still get the healing whether the hands are on or off you.

You may feel the healing where the hands are or somewhere completely different. This is perfectly normal. Reiki goes to wherever it is most needed for the highest good.

Reiki can be felt not only as heat but also it may be experienced as cold, a wavelike sensation, or a tingly feeling. Or you may not feel it at all. All of the above are normal.

You may experience insights, colours, messages, or you may experience nothing. In all the above cases, just trust that the Reiki is flowing and doing its thing. We do not have to understand how exactly how Reiki works.

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Suzanne Zacharia

Bromley Reiki Master Practitiomner, Trainer, and Author

What Clients Say About Your Reiki Master

“Highly recommend … for the Reiki… and… chakra balancing”

“I felt immense peace and healing”

“Suzanne is a lovely lady”

“Calm therapy space”


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