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EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, often known as Tapping, is a cutting-edge therapeutic skill dating from the 1990s that many therapists are learning. Therapists may have originally studied counselling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, or one of a number of therapy modalities, and they then learn EFT, or Tapping, in order to improve their offering to their clients. The reason is twofold: 1. The relatively fast, thorough, and long-lasting results – 2. The client is empowered with an easy to use self-help should they wish to use it in-between sessions. 

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My name is Suzanne Zacharia and I specialise in EFT Therapy for the most stubborn cases. Even if you have tried EFT before, I would love to help you move forward. I myself originally trained as a hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner, and massage therapist, which gave me the invaluable knowledge about not only how the mind works, but how the body works, and how small changes in biochemistry can influence the mind. People know me from my popular and easy-to-follow self-help EFT Specialist Website and choose to work with me for my approach and full-time experience since 2004. Sessions are in my Bromley BR1 clinic, very easy to get to from anywhere in SE London, as well as Bromley, Orpington, Eltham, Beckenham, West Wickham, Hayes, Swanley, Dartford, and Croydon, to give a few examples of where clients have come from. Travel too much of a hassle? No problem; most of my sessions are over Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp video – very easy. With clients from Germany, Australia, South Africa, Emirates, and USA, as well as London clients who simply have a busy life and prefer to spend their time relaxing rather than travelling to see me, it’s easy to have a session. It’s nice to have a choice.


“You were right, it was enjoyable.”
– Sandra, UK, a phobia client
“I am generally feeling much better with more energy. I have been out of the house a couple times this week with very few symptoms, which is encouraging. I am laughing more. I feel happier. There is a noticeable difference in the way I feel.”
– Kathryn, USA, a chemical sensitivities client
“I wouldn’t have found my property without your help”
– Nick, UK, after years of renting

Your EFT London SE Therapy Bromley BR1 – Moving Forward

Let me help you have a better energy flow and therefore be able to move forward. The only condition I place on accepting EFT clients is that you have no psychosis or schizophrenia, for your own mental health and wellbeing. Otherwise, I have worked on the most seemingly difficult and stubborn cases and have many years experience. I am a full-time EFT Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Author, and I love EFT! My training is in Classical and in Energy EFT; my influences are Classical EFT, Parts EFT, SET, PET, Matrix Reimprinting, Positive EFT, and my extensive energy healing work. I have my own unique delivery of EFT. And I believe that all EFT Tapping is EFT Tapping and so will not trademark mine, as that is not my way of doing things. I believe it is the practitioner that makes much more difference that what flavour or brand of EFT you use. Just contact me for details or call , text, or Whatsapp text me on 07533 636939 for a FREE initial chat. One individual standalone session is usually up to 90 minutes and an investment of only £95.00. Most issues can really benefit from a course of sessions…. Special offer: Buy a course of 3 up-to-90-minute sessions with me for ONLY £260.00 Or Even More Special offer: Buy a course of 6 up-to-90-minute sessions with me for ONLY £460.00. Book securely online now, and if you want to see my online instead of in-person, just say so – otherwise, I look forward to your Emotional Freedom session with me personally soon – book here:

Emotional Freedom At Your Fingertips

EFT Tapping Therapy London SE – What next?

Just contact me for details or call , text, or Whatsapp me on 07533 636939 for a FREE initial chat.

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