London Reiki Course Bromley BR1 – Reiki 1 on 19th May – Reiki 2 on 15th and 16th September 2018, 10-17:00 – Text or WhatsApp Me Direct on *07533 636939* now – *Email Me Here* for alternative dates or to apply for Reiki Master Training

To celebrate my coming back to London after 7.5 rewarding years getting recognition for Reiki in Africa, Reiki 1 is £99 for the day as a special offer (normally £180) and Reiki 2 is £150 for the 2 days (2 proper days in a small class for your optimal learning – normally £250), as a very special rate for a limited period. Pay only a deposit of £30, and settle the rest later when you attend. You attend the workshop, then have the FREE option of easy coursework to complete afterwards. You get 2 certificates; one on your workshop, plus one with your lineage all the way to Usui upon completion (FREE option). Book here securely now with Paypal or call me on 07533 636 939 with your card details.

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(Only £69 to settle when you arrive, by cash or card), if you need an earlier date, just call/text me on 07533 636939, reserve your place with only £30 now:

Or simply pay in full and save even more – Reiki 1 Early Bird price of Only £86 in total if you book and pay in full by or before 31st March 2018.

Reiki 2 Bromley – Book Here

(Easy deposit of £30, then only £120 to settle when you arrive, by cash or card). This gives you enough time to practise Reiki and complete your Reiki Journal and Case Studies after Reiki 1 (if you need an earlier date, just call/text me on 07533 636939) reserve your place with only £30 now:

Do not fall for quick fixes 🙂 there is no way you can possibly thoroughly flow with the Reiki to a professional level in 1 day. Take it one step at a time, and you can reap the benefits ten-fold! If you have learned a different Reiki discipline and want the very popular Reiki and Seichem as well, with these prices, you can learn a great deal and only pay a fraction of the normal rate. Beginners and Refreshers equally welcome!

You can search for the “real” Reiki just like Mikao Usui intended, go for several attunements with different Reiki Masters and styles, try grounding, meditation, go to several healers, and still be searching for answers. I believe that the answers lie within you and around you, and that Reiki is Reiki is Reiki no matter what. It is the professionalism and quality of care that you get with your Reiki that makes a difference. This is where we come in. New Age London has Reiki courses approved by the Reiki and Seichem Association (RASA). This caring association was instrumental in setting the National Vocational Standards for Reiki in the UK. 

A Little Bit About Your Reiki Master

My name is Suzanne Zacharia, and I was on the National Vocational Standards Board for Reiki for 5 years, on behalf of the Reiki and Seichem Association. Then life took me to Africa, where I spread the word about Reiki and helped severely traumatised survivors of trauma, all dear to my heart, watching them blossom and be free and joyful. Now, with even more skills and experience, I have finally come back home to the UK to roost. My Reiki teaching is holistic and geared towards helping you make the most of Reiki for your own particular requirements. You can subscribe to my newsletter on the right, to be updated of your next course dates.

I love Reiki. And I don’t expect you to take my word for it. See what our London Reiki Course clients have to say:

“I have been using the Tera-Mai Reiki on myself and I have been sending distance to my self using that system. I find it very powerful… I can see why people have gone over to this system!”

Graham, Bristol

“I’m already sleeping better and feeling more energized! Again I would like to thank you for Sunday as it was a wonderful experience!”

Chrissy, London


Reiki is a way of life as well as a beautiful energy and a great energy to receive during a healing session. When you do a New Age London Reiki course, you are encouraged to think holistically about your spiritual, emotional and physical well being and in relation to the Universe.


Reiki is an ancient healing method, rediscovered by the Japanese Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century. Sometimes what used to be Tera-Mai(TM) Reiki and from which Karuna Reiki was derived is called Seichem Reiki. The Seichem bit is said by some to be a lost part of the original Reiki, whilst others say it is Reiki with an influence relating to the Egyptian SKHM. Reiki has the power to safely, gradually and gently produce a favourable change in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Safe enough to use for babies and in pregnancy, Reiki is fast gaining popularity as more people connect with the holistic approach to health and true long-lasting contentment. Your class fees include practical experience with at least one person, your certificate, association membership details, your own comprehensive reference manual, and 6 months’ FREE email support thrown in.


Although the exact mechanism is not yet understood, some would describe Reiki as spiritual, whilst others would say it is electro-magnetism. The origins of Reiki are related to the hands-on-healing performed by Jesus and the ancient teachings of Buddha, and it is non-religious and non-denominational.


During a session, the client remains fully clothed while the energy is channeled via the therapist to wherever it is most needed, usually through the therapist’s hands. Amongst the benefits achieved is the balancing of the chakras (energy centres of the body); your regular Reiki healing can promote the feeling of being more balanced, relaxed and refreshed. Please peruse this site, get a feel for what we are all about, and get your FREE “5 Days to Change Your Life” course on the right of this page. There are 3 main reasons why you should get “5 Days to Change Your Life”:

* You learn the real wisdom behind a sample of the Reiki Principles, applied in your everyday life.

* You are empowered to make powerful life changes from Day 1.

* You learn how Reiki is flexible enough to be incorporated into Colour Healing and EFT, to name just two healing modalities.


Reiki is an intelligent energy. It goes where most needed and there are no contra-indications to receiving Reiki. Commonly used for stress, weight management, and health issues ranging from colds to insomnia to cancer, a Reiki session can help to bring about general relaxation, centre the mind, energize, calm, help release emotional wounds, and accelerate healing. The normal rate for Reiki 1 is £180, and for Reiki 2 is £250. The prices quoted above are for a limited period only. Please note that these can change any time, so if you wish to book at the seriously reduced prices to celebrate my return to the UK, take advantage of the Early Bird rates now whilst they are available. I look forward to hearing from you.



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Suzanne Zacharia

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