Anxiety Panic Attacks and Depression – Can You Have All Three?

It is not uncommon for someone who has at some point suffered from anxiety and panic attacks to have also experienced depression. The relationship between the anxiety and depression is even stronger when panic attacks are involved. Anxiety is a constant worry, panic attacks are a terror, and when you have had worry and terror for a while, is it any wonder that you can get depression, which is a kind of giving in or giving up. Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression usually come in that order, till they are all present at the same time.

Is It Hereditary?

And some ask if it is nature or nurture. Whilst there may be a genetic predisposition to anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, this is complicated by the fact that if at least one parent is a sufferer, it affects their parenting, and so the child may have an upbringing that would lead to these conditions anyway.

There Is Help

It is always good when you can get medical help with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. A good doctor should refer to a psychiatrist who can prescribe or be able to prescribe some help themselves. Medication can be for the short-term, whilst you recover, for example, for a few months or a couple of years. Or medication may be a long-term solution for some, for example, if they cannot access modern methods such as Emotional Freedom Techniques or functional nutrition, or if they have other, severe, mental health conditions. If medication is not your thing, I still urge you to speak to your medical practitioner and make an informed decision. Ideally, combine that course of action with seeking natural help. Not many physicians want to over-prescribe, and your physician may advise no medication is necessary at all.

My Favourite Method

I find Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as EFT or Tapping, an excellent aid for releasing anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Not only does this method work on the day-to-day state of being, but it can also be used to get to the root causes of the anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, healing from the root. You can learn everything you need to know from beginner to relief, with my online course “Banish Anxiety and Panic Attacks” – and whatever you do, investigate courses of action, find what works for you, and work on your journey of recovery.


Suzanne Zacharia
EFT Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Author, CThA, GoE, EPA

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