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Aura Reading Bromley Aura MascotWhen we are in balance, we feel more balanced. I am currently offering Chakra balancing, chakra clearing, and chakra cleaning over Zoom, WhatsApp video, or Skype. It is very fortunate that energy healing can be done in this safe environment, as we do not have a proper vaccine program as yet.

Chakra Balancing SE London Bromley Prices

Half Hour: £40

One Hour: Still only £65 since 2006

Most credit and debit cards are happily accepted.

Chakra Balancing London SE Bromley – What Happens During A Session?

Aura Reading Bromley Aura Mascot

We start by discussing what you would like to achieve.  If new to New Age London, we take a brief history and fill in the client intake form together. This ensures that your needs are met and we do not miss anything important for your healing journey. 

You next lie on the couch, fully dressed. I palpate in the aura and read your chakras, the seven main energy centres, as in the image here. When a chakra feels different to the others, I may bring that to your attention, explaining what it may mean, and together, we find clarity about your energy profile.

I then give Reiki healing to those chakras that were out of sync. I keep healing and checking the chakras until they are cleared and in balance. The session is concluded with Reiki grounding at the feet.

Chakra balancing often induces relaxation immediately, throughout the session, and for at least a week afterwards. However, sometimes the chakra balancing process helps to dislodge some old stuck energy that holds long-forgotten emotions or pains that cause you discomfort. If that happens, trust that I hold a safe place for you and help you release this stuckness. The release may take only 5 minutes, or it may take longer, but you can find calm and peace as well as optimal comfort.

You can expect to feel lighter after the session. Sometimes this lasts for a week or more. Sometimes you need a few sessions before your chakras stabilise. So go with an open mind and don’t expect instant results. These may or may not happen completely in that first session, and maybe partial results will be achieved in each session. Ideally, aim for six sessions then a top up every now and then. I offer generous discounts for a bunch of sessions – just ask.

You may experience insights, colours, messages, or (rarely) you may experience nothing. In all the above cases, just trust that the Reiki is flowing in, out, within and without the chakras for the Highest Good.  We do not have to understand how exactly or feel it. I can report to you what is happening at every stage – just ask. You may find yourself experiencing more results as you get more engaged in your own session, putting you in the driving seat, and giving you control.

Enjoy Your Chakra balancing London SE BromleyBromley and London SE Massage Reiki EFT Allergy Practitioner and Trainer image

Suzanne Zacharia

Bromley Reiki Master Practitiomner, Trainer, and Author

What Clients Say About Your Chakra Balancing Reiki Master

“Highly recommend … for the Reiki… and… chakra balancing”

“I felt immense peace and healing”

“Suzanne is a lovely lady”

“Calm therapy space”


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