Reiki Books For You or Yours

With thanks to my lovely Reiki pupils, this page was born. Enjoy your Reiki and Energy Healing books…

A Must-Have Classic – Hands of Light

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Reiki and Other Rays of Touch Healing – Written by Kathleen Milner in her prime and from the heart

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Energy Color Healing – Multi-modality healing delight – Reiki and other modalities 

If outside UK or USA, simply search your local Amazon for Suzanne Zacharia. Otherwise get it here: USA Paperback and USA Kindle Edition UK Amazon: UK Paperback and UK Kindle ColourTherapySmall

Positive Thinking For The Sunshine Mind – Reiki and Other Modalities

Positive affirmations that are made especially for you in a step-by-step workbook geared to help you achieve your goals (or your clients’). Get your USA Paperback here And USA Kindle Here “I’d like to thank you for your book Positive Thinking For The Sunshine Mind. I found it a very easy read, so anyone could read it, even if they were beginners.. simple, straightforward exercises that are simple to do, when one is ready of course, instead of going on and on, as some books that I have read do. The book was everything in a nutshell for self healing or therapists and got straight to the point” Emine Mustafa, Practitioner. UK Amazon Paperback And UK Kindle version here

Reiki Books Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers

You must assume responsibility for your own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Like any other self-help program, you are advised to consult with your physician or qualified medical practitioner before embarking on any alternative or complementary journey. Although this is the case in some places around the world in terms of CPD, your New Age Manuals do not necessarily constitute any form of official training recognized in your country, or for your profession. Professionals need to consult their own governing organizations if in doubt. If you choose to share these techniques with others, you understand that you do this at your own risk. Under no circumstances will you hold anyone connected to your book and any of the techniques used responsible for the well being of yourself or the people that you choose to help with these techniques.   

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Enjoy your Reiki Books… Sincerely,   Suzanne Zacharia Reiki Master EFT Trainer image