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Don’t put it off till it finally is too late. Act now whilst you have the impulse to. I know myself what it’s like! I have been helping people stop smoking since 2002. I love doing this with EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, and have left behind the hypnotherapy that I have a diploma in to concentrate on what is in my experience head and shoulders above hypnotherapy in terms of the results that I see. Will you get these results for yourself? Let’s arrange your appointment, and together, we can decide what is best for you.

What Is Different About EFT Tapping To Help You Become Smoke-Free?

EFT simply is aimed to remove the smoking urges without feelings of deprivation, overeating, or nervousness. It can only work once the majority of the reasons why you smoke have been addressed. This is done with a simple and usually fast-acting mixture of acupressure and releasing wording.


Stop Smoking EFT Tapping – How Much To Stop Smoking?

Well, from personal experience, I know the cost of not stopping. And I would not wish that upon anyone. How much for a new lung, a new heart, what is the real cost of that? What is the cost of freedom, feeling good without a cigarette, compared to that? I charge a mere £95 for one up to 90 minute session, £260 for a package of 3, and for those who need more, £460 for a package of 6. All major credit and debit cards accepted.  Most people need only one, and some need a few. When we have our initial session, you can get a better idea and decide for yourself. there is no guesswork; you will know! Call, text, or Whatsapp me on 07533 636 939 Now! Better Still, Book Your Appointment Securely Online Now:

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Stop Smoking EFT Tapping – What If There Are Worries About Budget?

Well, with what cigarettes cost per month, this unique service is easily affordable for most people. But I know that if budget is tight and there is a worry that you may not be amongst those who quit smoking quickly, you may want assurances. With this in mind, to get the stop-smoking EFT Tapping plan and price that works for you, simply make your FREE initial online stop smoking consultation here now!

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Suzanne Zacharia, Master Practitioner and Trainer, Experienced Since 1999

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